How To Tackle A LoveBug Swarm In Your Yard

How To Tackle A LoveBug Swarm In Your Yard

Stephanie White Nelson took to Facebook to share how she got rid of the love bugs that were swarming her doors. All I did was put a small amount of water in a bright white bowl, then add a few tablespoons of baby oil.

After only placing the bowl outside for 30 minutes, it was completely filled with love potion.

The bugs are clearly attracted to the solution and the white bowl for a reason. Whatever the scientific rationale behind the attraction, it clearly works. Stephanie’s post has nearly 5,000 comments and over 43,000 shares!

So, if you’re having trouble with lovebirds in your outdoor spaces, this simple hack definitely seems worth a shot. Thanks for sharing, Stephanie!

Written by carmen waller

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