Ingredients :

°2 lb beef ground 85/15
°29 oz can tomato sauce
°29 oz un-drained can kidney beans
° 29 oz un-drained can pinto beans
° 28 oz chop can tomatoes (undrained)
°1 yellow onion
°1 diced jalapeno, seeded and deveined
°2 chopped celery stalks
°1 chopped green pepper
°1 tablespoon of ground cumin
°1/4 cup chilli powder
°1 teaspoon of black pepper
°2 teaspoons of salt
°1 cup of water
°1 tablespoon of butter

Methods :

In a heavy-bottomed casserole dish, brown the minced meat.
Drain the fat.
Adding rest of ingredients (except butter) & bring to a boil.
Reduce heat to low & cooking uncovered (please keep heat low) for 2 h, stir occasionally.
Adding butter & stir to totally melt & incorporated.
Enjoy !

Written by carmen waller

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