yummy italian cake


eight ounces (227 g) buttermilk (or regular milk with one Tbsp white vinegar added) (Make sure your buttermilk is fairly fresh, the older buttermilk is the higher the acidity level)

three ounces (eighty five g) vegetable oil three large eggs one tablespoon lime zest (About 1 lime)

one tablespoon lime juice eleven ounces (three hundred fifty g)

all-purpose flour eleven ounces (three hundred twelve g)

granulated sugar one teaspoon salt one teaspoon baking soda eight ounces (two hundred twenty seven g)
unsalted butter two tablespoons all-purpose flour (For dusting on blackberries)

four ounces (one hundred thirteen g) blackberries (You can use frozen, but don’t thaw them)

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