Taco pocket stuffed with cheese

Cheesy Loaded Pocket Tacos are a delicious blend of traditional Mexican and American flavors, combining the best of both worlds into one mouth-watering treat. These tacos are an irresistible take on the classic taco, where every ingredient is carefully chosen to create the perfect harmony of taste and texture. It’s a great quick meal when you’re on the go. In my house we always take the kids to the sport, to the sport, to a school reunion, to a church group or to a friend’s house. So I love meals like these! I can get them on top and keep them snug. When the kids are ready, they grab and we leave. I can’t lie to you, I actually thought of something like this a long time ago, but for some reason I thought it would be a lot of work. *ingredients °1 packet of taco seasoning °1 lb. minced meat °Half a cup of sauce °8 ounces soft cream cheese °2 tablespoons of melted butter °1 cup grated cheddar cheese °12 tortillas measuring 6 inches *How to make Minced meat is crumbled in a skillet and cooked through Drain fat from the skillet

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