Smothered Green Beans

There’s something undeniably comforting about green beans. They’ve graced our dinner tables for generations, acting as a reliable side dish for numerous occasions. However, the humble green bean is no longer just a filler on your plate. Introducing: Smothered Green Beans – a dish where the green bean is the star, cloaked in savory goodness. This modern twist on a classic will elevate your dinner game and leave your guests craving more. Dive into this recipe to learn how to give this age-old vegetable the gourmet treatment it truly deserves!


°5 cans green beans, drained
°1 pound of bacon
°Half a cup of brown sugar
°cup of melted butter
°½ cup low-sodium soy sauce
°1½ tsp garlic powder

*directions :

Heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
Pour the drained green beans into an ungreased 9-by-13-inch skillet.

In a large skillet, cook bacon until almost done but not too crunchy. Remove from skillet, drain on paper towels, and chop. Sprinkle the cooked bacon over the green beans.

Whisk together brown sugar, melted butter, soy sauce, and garlic powder. Pour over green beans.
Cook without a lid for 40 minutes.

Enjoy !

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