Easy Churro Chex Mix

If you’ve ever been to Mexico or a county fair, you’ve probably enjoyed the wonders of a good churro. Sweet dough that’s fried and then rolled in a cinnamon sugar mixture, churros are crazy addictive and absolutely amazing. While we have tried our hand at making them from scratch – they’re surprisingly easy! – we decided to take inspiration from the churro with this recipe, without the hassle of making or frying any dough.
Churro chex mix. So easy and amazing. If you are fans of savory chex mix (gotta love that salty goodness), you have to give this sweet version a shot. The cereals are first mixed in a sweet and sticky, caramel-esque sauce, then covered with a cinnamon sugar mixture and baked to golden perfection. The sweet and crispy finished product will have everyone raving, so try it out and see if it doesn’t just become your new favorite!

Churro Chex Mix
30 minutes to prepare serves 10-12

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